About PICS

Professional Interactive Case Simulations (PICS) is a web application development firm registered in Colorado. PICS designs, develops and deploys patient simulations for the medical/dental professions and public. The use of simulation cases provides workplace training and develops clinical decision-making skills based on real life situations.

Simulations are an improvement over case studies in that the user must participate and make critical clinical decisions. Advanced learning occurs when individuals use acquired knowledge to solve problems. Practitioners and staff become more comfortable with applying new techniques and materials if they have simulated their use first. The simulation learning concept is behind its use in airline flight simulators. 

Web application development for PICS follows a design format that allows for efficient and standardized construction. The format also enables us to update the  applications periodically so that the cases remain current. PICS has an experienced development and clinical team, and uses resources that include interactive elements such as video, audio, simulated motion, and virtual note taking in the programs.

The principle partners have years of experience in simulation development, competence evaluation, clinical healthcare practice, and technology. PICS utilizes the latest technologies that can be adapted to our case development, and is dedicated to making our programs compatible with mobile devices, as well as interesting, challenging, and fun to use.

Dr. Barry Wohlgemuth

Dr. Wohlgemuth's background in competency assessment began as a member, and president, of the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners. He also served as Exam Committee chairman, chief examiner, and president of the Central Regional Dental Testing Service. His experience with simulations is a result of his service as Project Director/President of DISC (Dental Interactive Simulations Corp.), a collaboration of regional testing agencies to design patient simulations for dental license examinations. “Dr. W” continues to practice general dentistry in Aurora, CO, where he has been named a 5280 Magazine Top Dentist from 2013-2016.

Susan Wohlgemuth

With a background that includes 13 years as a technology educator and 16 years as a freelance web developer, Susan joined PICS with an eye towards building case simulations that combine innovative ideas and a user friendly experience.