Case Simulations

The PICS team has a growing library of simulations used for both the competency evaluation program and continuing education. Practitioners, healthcare organizations, and dental companies use these simulations to educate providers and staff, and inform providers or patients about new materials and techniques.

We have setup the design and development process so that new patient simulations can be efficiently created and modified in order to keep them current with professional best practices, and give us the ability to build additional simulations that can focus on specific treatments, skills, protocols, techniques, and patient communications. 

Some examples of how custom patient simulations can be used:

Implants – introduce dentists to new techniques and materials; help dentists learn how to problem-solve difficult cases.

Staff – train staff members to handle patient communication, insurance, and practice management problems.

Patients – let them ‘try-out’ different dental treatments on simulated patients so that they get a better understanding of how dentistry can meet their needs; let patients simulate the aging or disease process so they can anticipate future treatment.

Risk Management – malpractice insurers can help dentists problem-solve difficult patient treatment and ethical dilemmas.

  • If you represent a state or local dental board, contact us to find out how PICS simulations are in use for competency evaluations.
  • Or, PICS can design and develop a custom simulation for your company, organization or practice. Contact us to learn more.