Competency Evaluations

Whether it’s part of a disciplinary action or licensing decision, determining the competency of a dentist or dental hygienist requires a different set of standards from that of initial competence coming out of school. These cases usually involve practitioners who have graduated long ago, and sometimes have been out of practice entirely for an extended period of time.

PICS gathers specific information about the practitioner, including any complaints or legal action. This allows us to tailor the evaluation to the requirements of the state dental board. Our evaluation not only includes a set of dental simulations, where the user must demonstrate clinical decision-making skills and judgment, but also an evaluation of psychomotor skills. In addition to the evaluation, PICS often compliments this with mandated continuing dental education in areas that specifically relate to the dentist’s needs.

PICS competency evaluations have been successfully used by state boards for practitioners under stipulation or suspension, foreign-trained graduates, and for those who have been out of practice more than 5 years. Our set of clinical dental simulations includes situations involving general restorative dentistry, periodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implants.

The PICS competency evaluation process includes a Proposal, Evaluations, and a final Analysis of the dentist’s competence. The Analysis also indicates the practitioner’s strengths and weaknesses, should the state board wish to include additional continuing education.

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