PICS Positive Ethics Program

Ethical problems are often a significant component of state dental board disciplinary cases. Besides incompetent or substandard care, the rationale behind the patient treatment is often an underlying factor. But merely educating dentists on what to do, or not do, is often not enough to assure continued competent practice and protect the public.

PICS goes beyond evaluating the competence of dental practitioners by also determining if the dentist has the ethical standards required by the profession, and if they can appropriately apply them to clinical situations. We have a 5-part program that includes ‘positive ethics’ exercises and dental patient simulations. The simulations require practitioners to make clinical judgment decisions that not only include treatment but also ethical dilemmas. By putting these ethical challenges within the context of clinical treatment situations they do not automatically alert the practitioner to make special responses just to please evaluators.

In addition to numerous clinical ethics simulations, PICS conducts a comprehensive review of the dentist’s ethical lapses and provides him/her with background information. This includes an overview of dental ethics, the legal and financial implications of ethical lapses, and psychological component to help the practitioner develop a strong positive ethics base.

PICS also conducts an Ethics Interview and Mentoring Session with each practitioner to discuss the circumstances surrounding their ethical problems, and to assist them in establishing a path going forward. Upon completion PICS provides state dental boards, and any other appropriate entities, with a final analysis of the practitioners understanding and modification of their ethical behavior.

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