"Oral Lesion Hunter"
Video Podcasts

The “Oral Lesion Hunter” video podcast takes viewers off on a journey dedicated to the early detection and treatment of oral lesions and oral cancer. The "Hunter" uses years of clinical experience to inform dentists, dental hygienists, and the public, how to examine/screen for lesions, evaluate risk factors, what and where to look, what new technology can be useful in the 'hunt', how to treat, and how to communicate.

Each episode of the 'journey' focuses on items that enhance good 'hunting', and personal interviews further expand interesting topics for both the public and professionals. The “Hunter” answers questions sent in by email or videos, and provides clinical tips to facilitate the early detection and treatment of oral lesions.

Learn to be a good Hunter, and how to avoid serious oral lesions. Either way, the “Oral Lesion Hunter” provides an interesting and fun take on a serious health issue. Watch our podcasts here, or subscribe in the iTunes Store.

Episode 01: "In the beginning ..."
Episode 02: Hunter "Kit Bag"
Episode 03: Brush Biopsy
Episode 04: "What You See IS What You Get" - the oral inspection


Upcoming Episodes from the Oral Lesion Hunter


  • HOME 'Kit Bag'
  • Seek and ye shall find - different oral 'sightings' you'll find at home and in the office
  • "If I had a hammer…" - Diagnostic Tools – VELscope, Vizilite, etc
  • When to biopsy, when to wait
  • The 'mystery' of (Health) History
  • Up and coming oral problems
  • Fibroma! Fibroma! Fibroma!
  • E Pluribus Unum - Lichen Planus
  • How to get a good exam – taking charge of your health
  • Home on the range - what can you do at home
  • Who 'ya gonna call? Physicans vs. Dentists


Plus we'll have Interviews and Weekend Word