Episode 02: Hunter "Kit Bag"

In the second episode the Oral Lesion Hunter goes through his 'Kit Bag': everything needed for the early detection and treatment of oral lesions and oral cancer. The 'Kit Bag' is a metaphor for the equipment, forms, diagnostic aids, and supplies that need to be available to oral health providers when they conduct examinations. Watch as the Hunter 'pulls' items from his 'Kit Bag' and discusses why they are important and how they are used.

As always, the Hunter incorporates humor into the show and also stresses where dentistry may be lacking. Besides the items in the 'Kit Bag', the Oral Lesion Hunter also asks viewers for their own suggestions on what they think is needed for a thorough oral lesion screening. Hunter points out that future video podcasts will cover some of the items in the 'Kit Bag' in depth, and how viewers can obtain a list of the items and forms.