Simulation Dentistry

PICS has partnered with Dr. Aldo Leopardi of the Knowledge Factory to create an interactive Continuing Education course, that allows you to work side-by-side with Dr. Leopardi, as you make decisions about an actual case. 

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This front tooth challenge is one that every dentist faces at some point in his or her career. It pits knowledge and techniques against expectations and materials. Sometimes in Dentistry there are multiple successful procedures that can be applied to a patient problem, but only one will address ALL of the issues involved. 

Virtually work side by side with Dr. Aldo Leopardi, prosthodontist and worldwide seminar speaker, as you diagnose and treat a patient from an actual case. Learn to discriminate among comprehensive clinical exam findings, accurately diagnose a complex case, and make critical mid-treatment decisions. Aldo will be with you every step of the way.

Eligible for 3 CE credits on successful course completion.

Fee: $199


6 valuable in-depth clinical tips from Dr. Aldo Leopardi, starting with his first in the series, 'How to Make a Custom Impression Post'. You'll get techniques he has perfected in his practice that make crown & bridge easier, more predictable, and rewarding. Aldo will also respond to your questions throughout the subscription. 

Fee: $60 for 6 Indepth Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

PICS (professional internet case simulations) has been developing dental patient computer simulations for use in continuing education and competency assessments since 2007. PICS simulations develop clinical decision-making skills based on real life situations.

The Knowledge Factory has been hosting CE since 2014. The purpose of Knowledge Factory is to bring together the best educators in the field of dentistry, health, and medicine. The objective is to provide independent, non-biased, clinically relevant and evidence-based protocols and techniques. The focus is patient centered: from the patient experience, to when the patient enters and leaves the practice.

The course and clinical tips are for all restorative dentists.

The course can be of informational value to members of the dental staff who will gain a better understanding of the different treatments.

With limited decision-making, the case can be quickly completed in one hour. However, it will take at least 3 hours to go through all aspects of the case and gain the maximum educational benefit. 

You will be eligible for 3 credit hours of CE, after successfully completing the course. 

The only thing you need is a modern web browser and speakers. 

Yes! However, while the program should work fine on all mobile devices, you may find that the small environment of a mobile phone is not conducive to the best experience

Unfortunately not. All of the videos are hosted on Vimeo, and while we could make them downloadable, the interactive content of the program is not built for download. 

Yes, discounts for groups, organizations, and educational institutions are available. Please contact us for this discount.

Yes. Dental students are eligible for a discount. Please contact us for more information about this discount.